Whisby [PL-199]

Six wells at Whisby have produced some 860kbbls from a thin basal carboniferous sand named the Rough Rock or Basal Sandstone. It varies in thickness between 0.8 and 4 metres, is of very high quality [100% Net to gross with permeability in the 100’s of MD] and capable of producing at rates in excess of 100bopd per well.

Current production [c.50bopd] is from one remaining producer [W-4,] and one well [W-6] is shut-in awaiting a workover to reinstate similar production. Production has been supported by reinjection of produced water.

The potential of the field is still undetermined. No systematic and  integrated geological and reservoir engineering studies have been conducted since BP departed the block in the 1980’s.

Ongoing studies by BritNRG are aimed at identifying further development opportunities.