Stepping Stones

“In summary, a highly differentiated business, with a clear strategy, a strong and committed team and access to capital markets, looking to grow a balanced and integrated portfolio of energy assets”

1. Overcoming high-entry barriers with a low-cost, “steppingstone” acquisition

Initial focus on:
  • Onshore oil and gas, strictly conventional, minimal entry cost and low risk
  • Well known/understood subsurface
  • Practicable, low-cost / low-risk development plan
  • Low operational / lift cost

2. Strong governance

3. Access to capital

  • Enabling organic growth and development of owned assets
  • Further M&A activity, focusing on under-exploited assets, typically due to current lack of resources or, in larger companies, lack of focus

4. Diversification of energy sources

  • Focus to sustainability and long term planning
  • Ensuring integration within the business and the local business environment

5. Employees’ Participation

  • A fully committed and invested team
  • Low overheads, team alignment and continuity