Newton on Trent [EXL-141]

BritNRG reinterpreted the 3D seismic survey shot over Newton post Newton-1 drilling.

Newton-1 well was drilled through oil and water legs of Carboniferous Crawshaw and Longshaw horizons and  produced some 50 Mstb of oil before watering out.

The interpretation clearly shows that Newton-1 was drilled through the OWC, downdip of a significant four way dip closure and most of the STOIIP lies updip of the well.

Estimated STOIIP of 2.7 MMStb
  • 1.7 MMStb in Crawshaw
  • 1.0 MMStb in Longshaw
  • Some 0.7MMStb is recoverable with a 25% recovery factor [analogy from BP’s Bothamsall field] though unlike Borhamsall the wells have sufficient deliverability to not require fracking.
  • The envisaged development scenario may involve 2 producers, with the existing well as a water injector