Reepham [EXL-294]

Reepham discovery R1 was sidetracked updip to R2 to find the productive sand was pinched out, and downdip  to R2z to find a water leg.

R1 produced some 6,000bbl of oil prior to watering out.
The structure is further delimited some 2 km to NW by Cherry Willingham-1 showing a sand pinchout.
The site proved a potential access to the Greetwell prospect.
Newton-1 well was drilled through oil and water legs of Carboniferous Crawshaw and Longshaw horizons and  produced some 50 Mstb of oil before watering out.
The interpretation clearly shows that Newton-1 was drilled through the OWC, downdip of a significant four way dip closure and most of the STOIIP lies updip of the well.

The Greetwell prospect is a potentially attractive target although it would require multiple producers to adequately produce the majority of the reserves.

The STOIIP is estimated by the operator at between 1.7 and 38 MMStb using similar parameters as those found at Reepham: NG – 0.9; Porosity – 17%; Oil Saturation – 70%, FvF - 1.03